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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Best Proxy Services for Hackers

VPN Proxy for hacking

When you need to be safe, anonymous and also untracked you must be sure you are using a quality proxy service. For any person that wants the best safety online is a must, but for hacker this is a rule, so we are going to post here some of the best Proxy Services available to date.


 This proxy uses more than 55,000 IPs, about 60 servers across the world and it also uses a 128-bit encryption to get you the best quality possible. With HMA VPN you are also able to use 3 virtual private network connections.

It also works on Apple and Android devices apart from also being provided to the desktop PC.


This proxy allows you to use 5 devices connected with the same account, meaning you have 5 VPN for the price of only one.

It also povides you with their Split-Tunneling allowing you to use the VPN and normal browsing whenever you want, saving you time and speed for your needs.

It also offers you a switch that will kill any connection as soon as you disconnect, meaning you are safe all the time does not matter if you are not browsing.

This one uses 256-bit data encryption, giving you the best security.


This proxy calls it self  the only tier-1 VPN service worldwide. 

It has the most fastest secure connections and best pricing. Their network uses more than 14,000 IPs with about 135 servers at the most important countries in the world. 

It also provides safety for mobile devices, as well it allows you to use Skype or any Voip service changing the country, meaning you will get lower bills. 

This proxy also disables the Deep Packet checking some ISPs does blocking your internet speed.

Soon we will add some more to the list.

Feel free to comment what are the best proxy services for you.

By Dustin Greer.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Find out credit and debit cards validity with bin checking

Check credit card working validity

This tutorial will explain how to check credit and debit cards validity using the BIN Checking algorithm online.

With this method you will be able to get some information about a real card including the bank issuer,card level, ISO Country and some more.

This is a good way to see if the card you have in hands is correct or a fake number.

One of the online databases for BIN Checking is : BINBASE

Here you only need to enter the first 5 digits of your card followed by a captcha code.

One example using an Italian Debit Card from the POSTE ITALIANE ( BANCO POSTA ) Bank:

Card number: 4023600562238503
You just enter the first 5 digits: 40236

BINBASE results:

Card Brand: VISA
Card Type (Credit/Debit) : DEBIT
Card Level: ELECTRON
ISO Country Name: ITA
ISO Country A2 Code: IT
ISO Country A3 Code: ITA
ISO Country Number: 380
Bank Website:
Bank Phone:

Some bin's lookups wont show the bank website or phone and some will do.

This trick is always used when you are getting a lot of cards everyday and also used to check wrong numbers at your data.

It can also be used to discover new numbers algorithms for card levels , some of the most wanted cards uses non common numbers combinations for the first 5 digits, this is where hackers gets to play.

We hope this is good information for you, feel free to leave any comments about your bin lookups.

By Dustin Greer.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hacking at Android Mobile Phones using Hackode

There is a lot of ways to hack something but here you will know how to use mobile phones using the Android OS to do some hacking tasks.

We are going to post from time to time different apps that will let you break security using mobile phones.

If you are not ready aware the hackers can use binary code hacking to attack mobile applications at the google play store. This can be done by several ways like faking the security rules, disabling the requirements originally needed to purchase the app or just making an app clone just to get customers buying yours when in fact it looks like if you are purchasing something else.

You can also get inside the mobile phones by including a hacked script that will just get you all the users credentials, information and even financial assets.

There is a lot of tricks you can do by hacking a mobile phone and with the Android OS this is more easy than you all may think.

The first tool.


Android Mobile Hacking App

This app lets you do several tasks including reconnaissance, Google Hacking, DNS lookup and a bunch more.

You will find a lot of tools inside this app like:
  • Whois
  • Scanning
  • Ping
  • Reconnaissance
  • Traceroute
  • DNS lookup
  • IP
  • Google Hacking
  • Google Dorks
  • MX Records
  • DNS Dig
  • Exploits
  • Security Rss Feed
You are free to test it out by yourself and if you are new into this field you can just test it over and when you have acquired the skills, you will be doing mobile phone hacking for real.

You can get HACKODE app here:

We will post more mobile phone hacking apps soon, stay tuned.

Feel free to leave comments about your experience with this app.
By Dustin Greer.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hack the web by surfing anonymously showing restricted sites

Hack the web surfing anonymously

This tutorial will explain how to hack the web by surfing anonymously all the websites.

With this method you will be able to get inside the websites that Google and other search engines are not showing you, since those are hidden or restricted sites that are blocked from the common search engines bots.

Apart from discovering new websites you will also see data that is being forbidden to you and this is the best part for all the hackers out there.

You will be able to see the web how you are supposed to see it, freely, without any restriction.

Of course with this method you will probably discover websites that are not safe enough for any audience so try to do this at your own risk.

This is called the Deep Web since its exactly the deepest way to enter the world wide web letting you see everything that is there.

To accomplish this task you cant use the normal web browsers like Firefox , IE, Chrome, Opera or any of those, since they are using scripts that wont show you anything restricted.

To discover the whole web you have to use TOR browser, normally called the Onion Router. You can easily find it with a search. Download the TOR bundle and just start to browse with it.

You will find troubles by using TOR and google for example, since sometimes it will say to you there is a weird connection going on and it will show up a CAPTCHA to enter , since this is one of their security measures to avoid bots or anonymous traffic, but you just enter the captcha and you are set.

This method allows you to find websites that are restricted by other browsers , but it also lets you surf completely anonymous. This is something that is a must do for the hackers and is also being used by other people that does not want to be tracked in any way, this includes illegal acts and also includes money laundering and anonymous business.

The anonymous business procedures are a lot but these days one of the most used is the Bitcoin ( BTC ) . As this is an encrypted digital currency it allows you to transact completely untracked and if you use the TOR browser you are literally impossible to track.

With this method you can also do a lot of more stuff that im aware you are figuring it out.

This century things have changed a lot in terms of sociability and the world wide web is a must, but of course there is hidden information you wont be able to see if you do not learn how to see it.

We are here to give you the chance to change that.

Feel free to leave comments about this anytime.

By Dustin Greer.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The PSN got hacked in 2014

PSN got hacked in 2014

As you might be aware the Playstation Network ( PSN ) got hacked a few days ago and this is the most recent huge hack to a big company like Sony.

The question is who did this impressive hack? And what was the goal hacking the PSN?

Sony defends itself saying they did not have leaked information or stolen money from the customers accounts at their network, but the reality is a lot of users had their account hacked and empty digital wallets.

This already happened in the past, where it took an entire week for Sony to solve the issue and make the network working properly again, and safe of course.

Sony also said the hackers made an artificial high traffic attack to their network, making it unusable, but we all know here at the hackers scene that what the hackers did is just a DDoS Attack.

Wonder who actually did this, as doing a DDoS attack to PSN servers is a really complicated task, also they made it so well that they finished the hack completely anonymous. A task like this normally is made by hackers really trained, professional hackers. And those are normally paid by huge enterprises... like Microsoft in this case. Surprised?

If this starts to happen again the PSN users wont be as happy as they should be inside a gaming network. Maybe that's MS attempt to try to get back on rails.

Hackers are everywhere, but this time we knew a big one here.

Feel free to leave comments about what you think about this impressive hack.

By Dustin Greer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Free Bitcoin sites updated list

Free Bitcoin Hackworld Official

Here you will find some good sites for getting free bitcoins.

There is sites where you can play games and contests to win free bitcoins and they actually payout if you manage to win, of course!

You can try with this updated list below, there is no paid membership or fees here, just free sites.

Every site posted here is known to be safe, but if you find some site where you had a bad experience you can feel free to comment and we will remove it from the list.

Updated list August 2014:




Red Coins


Bitcoin Zebra Faucet
Zen Faucet

Bitcoinker Faucet

Best BTC Faucet

HotSwap Micro Faucet

Pizza Faucet

Daily Free Bits

Please feel free to leave comments about those, we will add more later.

By Dustin Greer

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get Free Money every day only at Hackworld Official

free money hackworld official

Hello everybody! I hope you are still enjoying our community every day.

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By Dustin Greer

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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By Dustin Greer

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hackworld Official E-Currency / Exchange Trader - Online

Buy E-Currency Online

Here at Hackworld Official you are also now able to buy E-Currencies and Exchange.
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We also sell:

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For the rest of the products charges you can contact us anytime.

By Dustin Greer.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Perfect Money 1 Cent Online Casino - Instant Cashouts !

Here you can go and checkout the Perfect Money 1 Cent Online Casino.

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Perfect Money 1 Cent Online Casino

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By Dustin Greer